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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Invective Against Bourgeois Fleas

Tar by Joana BroƟ:

Woe to Narcissus -
Would you look at her Go!
This lesbian, American
thinks she's Arthur Rimbaud!

I demand you to speak!
Why come to my city?
You repulsive sycophant
from mediocrity!

You must Confess it,
For I know of your kind;
You parasite of minds!

Kick rocks and farewell-
Have I made you that sore?
You'd already deduced us
to the folk of your lore.

You're uninvited.
My mind's not yours to glean. 
You can not know the filthy
with your hands kept so clean!

You're a bourgeois Flea;
A depravity fiend.
lowly me; my city's streets.
Cease! No time to be weaned.

Entrenched in my Docs,
You may find what you seek. 
Just come down from that high horse.
Then I'll kick in your teeth.

Welcome to New york!
Now that is how it's done.
Or, I suppose you could say

- Mary Catherine, Cowardice Queen
-Press play-
Let that  soak in.


  1. I love the French phrases you chose. Longing of a savage for a civilized life and just punishment, to be sure. This poem has a wonderful mincing, feinting rhythm. Reminds me of a shadowboxer
    Love hos you rhymed Go and Rimbaud. I am so are still posting on your blog.

    1. It was not love I was describing in this piece. Fascinating interpertation!

  2. Oh, I would never mistake the subject matter here as love. I love the use of language and style


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