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Friday, August 21, 2015

Tell Me You Imbecile! - S. Of C. From early August

Tell me you imbecile?!

What could possibly be considered the prize 
within the investment of gambling the innards of one's most essential mechanisms?

Those which I can not see?

Am I that which I can not see?

Yes. Yes I am. 

Leaving a barren flap of fleshy vacancy to linger, to fester. 

Longing... This disconnect, when did it happen? How ? 

"Have you forgotten already? Poor Dear, come now... 

come home to me." 

Inept vile movements now blindly foraging. 

"Would you have a look at this anthropomorphic twat!" 

Doomed to wander a futile existence in search of 
something tossed onto the roulette wheel that is 
out of sight out of mind... 

"Do you hear it?" 

It is calling you back. 

Calling and calling to you. 

A bastard babe left to the dregs and there you are. 
This vacuous appendage... 

Drifting erroneously in true wanton fashion- tripping over your own uselessness. 
Hearing only a distant echo of what was once so precious, held so dear. 

"Do you hear that?" 
"What was I looking for? Who was I?" 

I look down, Well, this is it I suppose. 

Nice to see you again.  Please, have a seat, you look well. 
So how is the new medication working?" 

"Fine.  I 'm fine."
Good Good ... alright, but how are you feeling today Mary?" 

Mary Catherine, Cowardice Queen 

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