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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Down to This- S. of C.

Everything boils down to this. 
It always does. 
The regurgitation of every vile, foul act that one has every endured, witnessed or committed. 
It is NOT singular when it does pour forth.
When it does, it is about as pleasant as black and putrid bile. 
It is the sins and cruelty of every mother fucking human that has ever disgraced the earth. 

Within every act of rape. 
In every hand that held a knife against sweating skin. 
It is in the secretion of fear, in the delight of savoring the scent. 
In every uncle Ned that put his greedy hand upon his sisters daughter in that place that no one was 
allowed to touch.
It is inside the lonely middle aged woman that lures little Bobby over for cookies.
 It is her desperation and feelings of inadequacy that slaughters his innocence to fulfill a selfish and filthy desire. 
This is one way it spreads.
It is still there when that boy grows to adulthood.
Now he sits on his knees upon the sidewalk he calls home with a needle in his arm. 
It is with him on that sidewalk. 
It is within the needles content. 
It is the within the vast and everlasting needs. 
It is the deceitful wife's slick and swollen cunt eager and inviting. 
It is her husbands brothers rapid flow of blood within his dagger of flesh that pierces her. 
It is her deep in the moans of pleasure taken - not given. 
It is in his hunger and momentary satisfaction of having conquered his brothers most valued prize.
It is inside the finger that curls around the trigger of the husbands gun.
It is within all the shrieks of terror and within every bellow of outrage.
It is in the first blast of rage. 
Inside the bullet for his brother.
 It is within his final exhalation. 
It is within the vacancy in his eyes when he looks upon his beloved.
It is in her voice as she begs and pleads to deaf ears.

It is within her useless attempts towards salvation as she scrambles to cover her naked shame with the bloody sheets.
 It is within the second blast for the whore . 
It is in the way he watches her life force slip away.
 It is within the hollow space inside him. 
It is the salty betrayal that falls down his face.
 It is what guides his hand to point the gun to his temple and allow the final blast to relive him of what plagues each and every one of us.
This is what it all boils down to. 
All this loss, cum, piss, lust, shit, shame and blood.
Who are you?
 We are all the same. 
Join us.
 Make the choice while the choice remains yours to make.
Think.... Shhh...
Mary Catherine, Cowardice Queen

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