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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Wayward Ivy

Deep in the hollow, way deep down, was only the echo of something that may have been way back when. Back when the sun hit one's skin and it was pleasant and there was nothing to fear.

Deep within this cavern the only sound is the shallow breath that she takes only by default. Deep within this cavern she has seen that willful growth along the glistening stone. She wonders what is it reaching toward. 

Way deep down in the grotto, the only living thing that has a destination and an intrinsic map is that wayward ivy. The slick green life expands and climbs with assured intent. The Ivy knows which way the wind blows, knows that the sun is a pleasantry it wants to be a part of.
Deep in the hollow, way deep down. The only sound was the shallow breath of a girl. The only thought within her was a variation of the same desire that still eludes her "It must be nice to know which way one ought to go..."
The only sight she had was green and climbing away from her, with more distance between them every day.
Deep within her cavern.

Mary Catherine, Cowardice Queen

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