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Sunday, August 23, 2015

"Hold up... Wha he just say?"

Hold up... did you just say,  "Revenge Fuck"? 

Oh my goodness, my gosh, my golly, oh me, oh my, dumb boy!

What in all of purgatory would lead you to believe 

that has ever crossed my mind? 

That would insinuate that having a sexual encounter 

with you or any other piss ant.

would be classified as a form of revenge? 

Wouldn't you say that's a little grandiose of ya? 

A little bit of an ego on ya huh boy? 

I mean honestly?! 

As if that fleshy twig between your scrawny legs 

could seize that kind of power. 

You insult me and all womyn kind. 

My revenge lies in the audacity of my vivacious existence;

my strength of will, I will not die!

My revenge lies within my endeavors. 

My revenge lies within my ambition.

My revenge lies within my rivulets of blood 

that flow where the belong.

My revenge lies within awaking in the mornings.

My revenge lies in me being glad to be among the living.

My revenge lies within each breath that i choose  to take 

and what I take it for.

My revenge lies within every emotion I choose to feel 

with each moment.

My revenge lies within dancing to Yo-Landi Visser 

or some other bad ass bitch.

My revenge lies within my exhilaration;

My sweating, gyrating body.

My revenge lies within my literary breaks between two 

pillars outside of the library.

My revenge lies within what I do in that library for four 

hours a day, every day.

My revenge lies within the fact that I have dreams 

despite it all  and I pursue them.

My revenge lies within the stark difference in color of the 

pitch black markings that cover that white paper .

My revenge lies within every movement of my hand, 

the void, the awakening, the birth; 

my delivery of it's conception.

My revenge lies within the fluidity of the ink that pours out 

truths I was not aware that I even held.

It bleeds me dry and then fills me up 

far more than any man ever could.

Do not misunderstand;

 the name is not Sister Mary Catherine. 

I do fancy a fuck.

I am a woman of flesh and blood. 

Either way, when I do give my body - 

I fuck for pleasure, not revenge.

Besides, I think it is pretty clear 

he took care of any  revenge for me on his own.

Would't you say darling?

Mary Catherine, Cowardice Queen

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